В галерее представлены файлы учебных моделей и приложений COMSOL Multiphysics® для решения электротехнических, механических, акустических, гидродинамических, тепловых и химических задач. Используйте эти примеры как отправную точку в ваших собственных исследованиях, скачивайте учебные модели, демонстрационные приложения и подробные описания к ним. Чтобы найти модели и приложения, относящиеся к сфере ваших интересов, воспользуйтесь функцией быстрого поиска. Обращаем внимание, что большую часть этих примеров можно также найти во встроенной в COMSOL Multiphysics® библиотеке приложений Application Libraries. Открыть библиотеку приложений можно через меню File.

Fountain Flow Effects on Electrodeposition on a Rotating Wafer

This example extends the analysis made in the model Electrodeposition on a Resistive Patterned Wafer by including the diffusion and convection of copper ions in the electrolyte. The coupled mass transport convection-diffusion effects are of interest in this type of reactor since they ... Читать дальше

Split-and-Recombine Mixer Benchmark

This example models a split-and-recombine mixer channel in which a tracer fluid is introduced and mixed by multilamination. Diffusion is removed from the model using an extremely low diffusion coefficient so that any numerical diffusion can be studied in the lamination interfaces. The ... Читать дальше

Surface-Trap-Induced Hysteresis in an InAs Nanowire FET — a Density-Gradient Analysis

This tutorial analyzes the hysteresis of the conductance-gate-voltage (G-Vg) curves of an InAs nanowire FET, using the density-gradient theory to add the effect of quantum confinement to the conventional drift-diffusion formulation, without a large increase of computational costs. The ... Читать дальше

Transient Model of Signal Propagation

This model is used to demonstrate the solution to a classic brainteaser in electromagnetics. A long loop of wire is connected to a source and a receiver, which are placed 1 meter apart. The objective of the model is to compute how long it takes for the receiver to sense when the source ... Читать дальше

Transient Conduction in a Wall, Lumped Thermal System

This model performs a transient analysis of the temperature through a house wall. The wall is formed of different layers corresponding to the structure, insulation and plaster. On the exterior and the interior, the wall is exposed to thermal radiation and convective cooling. The results ... Читать дальше

Topology Optimization of a Step Thrust Bearing

In this tutorial model, a step thrust bearing is topology optimized to maximize the bearing capacity. A step thrust bearing consists of a stepped bearing surface on which the end of the shaft rotates. The entire assembly is submerged in a lubricant. The shaft collar is assumed to be ... Читать дальше

Normal Modes of a Biased Resonator — 3D Geometry from a GDS-File

This tutorial demonstrates how to build the geometry for the 3D biased resonator from GDS file using the ECAD Import Module and the Design Module. The procedure emulates semiconductor and MEMS fabrication processes to build 3D geometry more efficiently and is more intuitive for those ... Читать дальше

Mandelbrot Set and Perlin Noise

Fractals exhibit self-similarity at different scales and are often found in nature. Fractal noise is a technique used to emulate organic-looking textures, such as to achieve realistic visualizations of various materials in COMSOL Multiphysics®. These models demonstrate how to ... Читать дальше

Optimization of a Waveguide Iris Bandpass Filter — Transformation Version

A waveguide filter is designed using shape optimization by moving and scaling rectangles in the geometry. The irises of the initial geometry are optimized to ensure good bandpass response and out-of-band rejection, while maintaining the double mirror symmetry. Читать дальше

Cavity Eigenfrequency Modeling Using the Electromagnetic Waves, Beam Envelopes Interface

This model demonstrates three different ways to find the eigenfrequencies of a rectangular metallic cavity. The first method uses an eigenfrequency study step together with the Electromagnetic Waves, Beam Envelopes interface. Here, it is important to define a wave vector for the physics ... Читать дальше