Development of Simulation Model for Automotive LIDAR using COMSOL Multiphysics®

S. BOBBA VENKAT[1], S. Rao[2]
[1]SABIC R&D India Pvt Ltd, India
[2]SABIC, India
Опубликовано в 2019

Automotive LIDAR was modeled and simulations were carried using Ray Optics module of COMSOL Multiphysics® to understand and evaluate performance of the LIDAR. Simulation model built is being used to evaluate performance of LIDAR with different engineering thermoplastic materials for specific range (Long Range). Rays of wavelength 940nm with definite cone angle and having power of 1W is used as laser source. Detector with freeze boundary condition is used to detect the received power. Obstacle having different reflection properties is placed at different distance from the sensor and distance of the object from the sensor is calculated using time of flight method. Materials with different refractive index is explored for LIDAR lens and simulations are performed. Coupled field analysis was carried to integrate thermal effects on LIDAR lens due to heat produced by the laser sources. Simulation results are validated with Prototype model developed for long range object detection.