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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 363 0 1 month ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Hamdi Fakhreddine Hamdi Fakhreddine 3D complex Geometry Mesh 1 0 3 minutes ago
Hamdi Fakhreddine Hamdi Fakhreddine Flow silmulation of the PVDF 1 0 9 minutes ago
Abhishek Kandpal Abhishek Kandpal Entering the time dependent flow rate 127 5 1 hour ago
Rafael Simplicio Rafael Simplicio Potential function trough rectangular 5 0 5 hours ago
Mack Mack Meshing 7 0 5 hours ago
Kavin Sundarnath Kavin Sundarnath How to approach Metal Hydride-Hydrogen storage simulations 8 0 7 hours ago
Andrey Kachalin Andrey Kachalin How to sum two graphs in comsol? 37 5 10 hours ago
Doaa Ahmed Doaa Ahmed inquiry about potential difference 25 0 11 hours ago
Huda Haddad Huda Haddad Mueller Matrix and LU decomposition 19 0 12 hours ago
Carlos Alejandro Silvera delgado Carlos Alejandro Silvera delgado Brinkman's equation 16 0 12 hours ago
Mehmet Kelleci Mehmet Kelleci Air Domain in Electromagnetic Simulations 32 0 15 hours ago
Andrew Prudil Andrew Prudil "Time derivative only allowed with respect to mesh time." New error message in Comsol 4.2a
5,793 14 15 hours ago
Ramin Jaberzadeh Ansari Ramin Jaberzadeh Ansari Problem with Reaction Moment calculation 38 1 16 hours ago
Andrey Kachalin Andrey Kachalin How right to build graphic of line integral from elementatry function? 33 0 17 hours ago
Tom Myers Tom Myers Conditional Statements within an Expression
20,280 22 19 hours ago
鑫超 陈 鑫超 陈 simulation of microreactor 35 0 23 hours ago
Ravindra Bhardwaj Ravindra Bhardwaj Interfacial thermal resistance or Kapitza resistance for multilayer Nano device 29 0 1 day ago
Chefu Su Chefu Su Solid Mechanics & Moving Mesh 24 0 1 day ago
Noor Aldeen Najdeiah Noor Aldeen Najdeiah Comsol snapshot 28 0 1 day ago
Shadi Hamdan Shadi Hamdan electrochemistry modelling 23 0 1 day ago
Kris Johnson Kris Johnson Capacitance calculation problem 30 0 1 day ago
Haseen  Siddiqui Haseen Siddiqui Pellet model for CO2 gasification 20 0 1 day ago
Johan Gustafsson Johan Gustafsson Spring-Mass-Damper global equation ODE 7,195 2 1 day ago
Saurabh Sharma Saurabh Sharma Can not open Comsol with "An unexpected error occurred". Please help!!!!! 34 0 1 day ago
Ibrahim Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Adsorption/absorption in a porous matrix 30 0 1 day ago

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